Camera Crane

Shutterworks is proud to offer talented crew with a camera crane package for video and film production. Rest assured that any camera operator from Shutterworks will be reliable, fun yet professional and technically skilled in their craft. Please contact us today and tell us about your project.


Crane Specs

  • Arm Length: 12 ft
  • Overall Length: 16 ft
  • Max Lens Height: 16 ft
  • Crane Load In / Set Up: 1 hr
  • Breakdown / Load Out: 30 min

Hot Head Features

  • Tangle Free 360 Deg. Camera Moves
  • Camera Weight Capacity: 25 lb
  • Ramping, Speed & Direction Controls
  • Linear & Logarithmic Joystick Modes
  • Over-Slung & Under-Slung Mounting

Using the hot head under-slung reduces the max lens height by 2 ft. Crane can be built to a shorter arm length of 8 ft for smaller sets. Please allow an additional 15 - 20 mins for complex cinema camera packages to be mounted and balanced.


Package Includes

  • Crew of 2: Crane Operator & Technician
  • Camera Crane with Off-road Wheels
  • Remote Pan Tilt Hothead
  • Arri Standard 12" Dovetail & Clamp
  • Battery & AC Power
  • Ballast Counter Weights
  • Small HD 702 Operator Monitor
  • Video & Motor Control Cables


Add Ons

  • Sony FS-7 4k Camera Package
  • Canon Cinema Zoom Lenses
  • Teradek Bolt Wireless Video
  • RT Motion Wireless Focus
  • Client / Director 17 in. Monitor

This page is intended for producers looking to hire a camera crane operator from Shutterworks complete with a camera kit. The camera crane is not available for rent otherwise.