RGB Fixtures

Arri Orbiter with Open Face Optics $400.00
Arri Skypanel S60-C Softlight $350.00
Arri Skypanel S30-C Softlight $225.00
Arri L7-C LE2 Fresnel $175.00
Quasar Rainbow Q50R Quad Tube Kit $200.00
Quasar Rainbow Q50R 4’ Tube $50.00



20" Dome Optic for Arri Orbiter $75.00
36x48 in. (M) Chimera for Arri Orbiter $75.00
48V DC System for Arri Orbiter/S60-C $175.00
26V Dual Battery Plate for Arri Skypanels $25.00
Center Mount Yoke for Skypanel S60-C $10.00
33 ft. Feeder Cable for Arri Orbiter/Skypanels $8.00
Quasar Single Tube Soft Grids - 40 Deg. $15.00
Quasar Dual Tube DC Mounting Kit $15.00
Quasar Quad Tube DC Mounting Kit $20.00
Quasar V Mount Plate & Quad Tube Cable $15.00
Quasar P Tap to Single Tube - 2 Cables $10.00


Bi-Color Fixtures

Litemat+ Plus 4 Hybrid Kit $225.00
Litemat+ Plus 2L Hybrid Kit $175.00
Litepanels Astra Bi Color 6X Head $150.00
Litepanels Astra Bi Color 4X Head $125.00
Quasar Q-Lion 3x1 Lith-ion 3 Light Kit $50.00



Chimera for Litepanels Astra $20.00
40 Deg. Soft Grids for Astra Chimera $10.00
40 Deg. Soft Grids for Litemat 2L $15.00
40 Deg. Soft Grids for Litemat 4 $20.00
Litemat Feeder Cable - 24 ft. $10.00
Bluetooth Module for Litepanels Astra $15.00
Hard Grids for Astra Head - 30 Deg. $10.00
Barndoors for Litepanels Astra Head $7.00
Litepanels Astra Accessory Frame $3.00


All prices are per item, per day and subject to change. Sales tax applies in addition to all listed rental rates.