Radios & Carts

Radio Communication

Custom Kit: Up to 16 Radios Avail   Call
Motorolla CP200 Radio $10.00
Motorola PR-400 Radio (LCD) $10.00
Motorola Battery - Spare $5.00
Surveillance Radio Headset $9.00
Compact Single Radio Charger $7.00
Motorola 6 Place Gang Charger $25.00




MultiCart RocknRoller Cart $15.00
Magliner Gemini Cart $30.00
Filmtools Jr. Camera Cart $50.00
Filmtools Jr. Grip Cart $75.00
Filmtools Vertical 2 Shelf Cart $40.00
Backstage Cable / Sandbag Cart $50.00

Grip cart includes a holder for (4) c-stands and front basket
to hold 2x3 flags and light stands. Camera cart has a 10 in
utility box, hi hat holder, tripod hooks and baby pin stud.



All prices are per item, per day and subject to change. Sales tax applies in addition to all listed rental rates.