Shutterworks Rentals Spokane

Shutterworks is a full-service grip and lighting rental house located in Spokane, Washington. Since 2005, Shutterworks has earned an enviable reputation for providing the best service and equipment to productions across the Inland Northwest. We have outfitted feature films, episodic tv shows, documentaries and national commercials with the tools they need.

Shutterworks has an extensive selection of light fixtures including RGB LED lights. Arri Skypanels, Litemats, Quasars and Litepanels are available for rent. So are Kinos, Lekos, Dedos and daylight HMI fixtures including Arri M18s and K5600 Jokers. All LED lights have battery provisions including a special 48 volt battery system for the Arri Skypanels. If you need power on location, be sure to pick up one of our Honda inverter generators. We have over 2,000 feet of stingers on hand as well.

Shutterworks has several grip truck packages available to rent for your video production. Choose from our 3-ton grip truck or 1-ton grip truck. Our trucks were custom designed to be organized and spacious. Our warehouse is with filled with Matthews C-stands, combo stands and Avenger hi rollers, flags, nets and silks, floppies, butterfly frames, overhead frames and sandbags.

Shutterworks offers a purpose built, proper rental studio in the Spokane area. The studio is 900 square feet with a 14 foot ceiling and massive 12x18 foot roll up door. We spent a year designing it to suit the needs of videographers and still photographers alike. Still photographers can choose from renting Profoto strobes or continuous lights for their shoot.

We are proud to call Whole Foods, Anheuser Busch, AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Merck, SIG Sauer, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Con Agra Foods, Surefire, The Walt Disney Company, HBO, Sports Illustrated and Jaguar USA our clients and we would like to add you to that list too. We want to help make your production go as smooth as possible. Contact us today to discuss your production needs. We look forward to answering all your questions and hopefully earning your business.