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Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has the most extensive selection of rental equipment for photography shoots and video productions in Spokane. We stock professional-grade equipment and back it with exceptional service. Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has outfitted numerous feature films, episodic TV shows, documentaries, and national commercials with the tools they need.

With several grip trucks to choose from, Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has solutions for productions of all sizes. Choose from our nimble Sprinter van or our impressive 3-ton grip truck. Our warehouse and grip trucks are filled with grip equipment, C-stands, light stands, and combo stands from the brands you trust, including Avenger and Matthews Studio Equipment.

Shutterworks Rentals Spokane’s rental equipment includes the massive ARRI SkyPanel S360-C softlight fixture, the powerful ARRI M40 focusable PAR HMI fixture, and the flexible ARRI Orbiter LED fixture. We rent an array of professional-grade light fixtures for video and film production, including LED fixtures, HMI fixtures, spotlights, and tungsten Fresnels from ARRI, Litepanels, Litegear, Quasar Science, ETC, Mole-Richardson, Dedolight, Hive Lighting, Intellytech, Kino Flo, Aputure, and more. For still photography, we rent Profoto studio strobes, along with a selection of light modifiers and chimeras. To power it all, we rent generators, cable, and power distribution boxes.

Additionally, Shutterworks has an ample stock of camera and general production equipment available to rent. From the ubiquitous Sachtler fluid head tripod to DJI gimbal stabilizers, camera dollies, and a Jimmy Jib camera crane, we have the tools you need to get your dream shot. To keep your set safe and efficient, we offer Motorola walkie radios, equipment carts, pop-up canopy tents, and more.

Shutterworks Rentals Spokane is not just another equipment rental company. We care about your production as if it were our own. We want to put the right tools in your hands, not sell you on the most expensive option. Honesty, integrity, and top-notch service are the core values of Shutterworks Rentals Spokane. Contact us today to experience the difference.

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3-Ton Truck & 1-Ton Sprinter Van Available

Shutterworks Rentals Spokane devised to build the best grip trucks in Spokane. At the forefront of our minds was to ensure that each grip truck was as efficient as possible. We spent several months designing and building our grip trucks from the ground up. We had interior shelving custom manufactured for storing and organizing equipment. We wanted to make sure equipment is securely stored to ensure a quiet ride, yet is quickly accessible. Then we loaded each grip truck with brand new equipment from the brands you know and trust. We aimed to design packages that were as complete as possible, while saving ample room for additional equipment.

Shutterworks Rental Van


900 Square Foot Rental Studio

A purpose-built rental studio for the needs of video productions and still photographers alike. Complete with grip equipment, including c-stands, flags, nets, scrims, apple boxes and more.


Fully Operated Equipment

Michael Notar, manager of Shutterworks Rentals Spokane works on set in a variety of roles. He is a talented cinematographer and jib operator and a knowledgeable gaffer.

He has the distinction of being formally trained at Brooks Institute of Photography, where he built a solid foundation of expertise in photography, lighting and composition. Using his world-class training, he has proven himself to be an invaluable asset on set.

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